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C# is a fairly new programming language it was first released by Microsoft in 2000. It is widely acclaimed as an excellent programming environment. Many programmers who worked in VBA and VB.NET have made the switch to C#. But for people who have worked all their life doing Microsoft Office programming in VBA it can be a challenging transition. C# is primarily used by professional programmers. While VBA and sometimes VB.NET is something that people just pick up and do when they have to get a job done and do not want to hire a programmer. So if you want your database developed using the latest and greatest Microsoft programming language available today then you want C#. Here at WSI we have been doing C# for many years and programming in other Microsoft languages like VBA and VB.NET even longer.

C# applications can run as desktop applications or web applications. They can also be turned into mobile apps. Having your database or other program work through a webpage opens the application up to users on Chromebooks, Apple computers, smart phones, tablets in addition to Windows PC’s. Since Microsoft Access does not run natively on these platforms some people prefer to have their database built in C#. There are work-arounds for running Access on non-Windows machines and they work great for some people but others prefer a web based solution. We can convert Microsoft Access or other VBA based solutions to C#. We can also convert VB.NET to C#.

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