EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Software Development Services

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Software Development Services

Winning Solutions, Inc. has created multiple medical records systems both for direct use by health care providers and for companies who design and market such systems. Today’s technology is changing all aspects of our personal and business lives and healthcare is no exception. Since Healthcare is an extremely data intensive field, society has much to gain from accurately capturing, securely storing, effectively displaying, and reporting this information.

For centuries, health care practitioners have relied on the information they could write down and pass along to future generations of practitioners using books and classes. This means that unimaginable volumes of information have been lost in the past simply because there was not enough time or space to write everything down that may be important and sometimes even important information was not captured and lost.

Due to the incredible gains science has made in computing power and digital data storage, we can record, store, manage, and recall data in ways that were not possible a short time ago.

So, now the challenge has shifted from having the proper technology to complete this task, to having the technology properly designed to complete the task! That is where Winning Solutions, Inc. comes in with over nineteen years of custom database design, programming, and maintenance expertise we can custom program an EMR that matches your vision or your organization’s specific requirements. Why go through the hassle of buying an off-the-shelf medical records system, then trying to conform your organization to it? That creates many problems because you are trying to tailor your needs to a product instead of tailoring the product to your needs. In fact, in many cases it may cost less to have WSI program an EMR for you that is tailored to your specific requirements. Our customers often tell us that our custom solution is easier to use than the EMR they are replacing it with. They say this because we exclude all screens and menus that are unnecessary for your organization. This is how we drive down cost and increase user adoption.

Plus, it does not matter how many users you have, how many locations they have, or if you decide to merge with another organization. WSI transfers all rights to the database we create for you as we receive compensation. This results in a similar outcome to you hiring your own programming team to build your database. Our clients find that often it is much easier and more cost-effective to contract with Winning Solutions, Inc. instead of trying to hire and manage their own programming team. After the database has been put into use, WSI is available for on-going, as-needed database enhancements. There is no mandatory annual support or licensing fees.

WSI can turn the database over to your organization’s IT department for deployment. Full source code is available if your IT department prefers to handle ongoing maintenance and enhancements of the databases programming.

If you prefer, WSI can deploy your database on a HIPPA compliant Microsoft Azure cloud environment and manage that environment for you or turn it over to your IT department for on-going management.

You are even allowed to re-sell the database to other organizations with no royalty fee due to WSI. This policy is why companies developing commercial EMR’s for re-sale purposes choose WSI.

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For a starter EMR Database Template try our Template Here!

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