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Fillable PDF Forms

Your business, like most businesses, has forms: HR Forms, Accounting Forms, Client Documentation Forms, IT Forms, Patient Form--lots and lots of forms! The purpose of forms is basic; you want answers to questions to be clearly documented, dated, and possibly even signed. How does your business handle forms? Are employees and clients struggling with old-fashioned paper? Are Word and Excel documents being inadvertently changed by users that are struggling with information placement on the form? There is a better solution!

A fillable PDF is an interactive PDF document that allows users to enter their answers on the form, while viewing it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader. The user enter answers in blue highlighted fields (we know you have seen these before!) without changing the underlying form itself. Blue highlighted fields can be custom programmed to be free text, have calendars for date fields, have custom drop-down menu selections, and more!

Who needs fillable PDFs? Everyone! The reality is that companies realize frustrated employees and frustrated clients equate to unproductive business. For this reason, the transition to fillable PDF forms is critical for ALL business types.

Are you ready to make the transition to fillable PDF forms, but do not know where to start? Let us help you! Winning Solutions, Inc. excels at helping businesses with all forms of technology upgrades. Contact us today to discuss your documentation needs. No documentation is required to get started. We are happy to help you build your fillable PDF form arsenal from scratch and welcome the opportunity to help your business succeed.

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