PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance Services

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance Services

Today it is more important than ever to maintain and exceed PCI Compliance requirements to protect your customer’s data. While many Internet threats are more perceived than real, the threat of a credit card data breach is real. The recent problems experienced at Target, Home Depot and other companies prove it.

WSI can bring to bear people who understand secure programming as well as secure data hosting. This will enable us to create as safe as possible of an environment for your credit card processing. No one can and no one should promise that they can deliver perfect security. There are simply too many factors beyond the control of any one company. Our team has a proven track record of success.

A member of our team has eight years’ experience managing a large company’s PCI environment on a daily basis, before joining the WSI team. This company has 89,000 employees and over 200 stores. The company is a PCI Level 1 Merchant. So WSI definitely has the talent and expertise to help your company reach and exceed its PCI goals.

We can assist with on premise PCI compliance or help you move or maintain PCI in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or other cloud platforms.

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