Microsoft Access Programming Customer Samples

Samples of Microsoft Access Programming

Microsoft Access Programming Customer Samples

Samples of Microsoft Access Programming

Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) has worked with a number of clients during our nearly 25 years of existence to help develop a MS Access Application, generate custom reports, integrate their Access system into another system, and wide variety of additional services. Below is a sampling of some of the types of applications that we have built for our customers using MS access.

At WSI we realize that no two clients are exactly the same, and therefore we listen to your needs to deliver to you the solution you desire with the specifications you want. To view our main Microsoft Access page with more details on our extesive Access experience.

Customer Samples

Atlantic Mooring Maintenance, Ltd., Bermuda

Atlantic Mooring Maintenance Ltd. is the premier mooring company in Bermuda. They have years of experience and are constantly upgrading our methods, standards, and customer service. AMML offers complete customer service for your boat mooring in Bermuda. We frequently feature Atlantic Mooring Maintenance, Ltd. under the spot light clients section on our website. Any customer that is dedicated enough to make multiple trips to Iowa from the Bermuda during the worst weeks of an Iowa winter, is a truly dedicated customer. Their business runs on software programmed by Winning Solutions, Inc. that the owners designed themselves to meet the growing needs of their small business.

Stewarts-USA, Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana

Stewarts-USA, LLC was formed in 2003 as the North and South American distribution and marketing arm with Stewart-Buchanan Gauges, Ltd. Stewarts-USA is positioned to respond quickly to customers' needs. Stewarts manufacturing is certified to ISO 9001 standards. 98% of all components used in the manufacture of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house. When WSI was first contacted by Stewarts-USA back in 2013 they already had a sophisticated custom database running their company that was programmed using Microsoft technology. The people at Stewarts were very knowledgeable about the custom software development process and could quickly see that WSI knew what we were talking about. In order to jump start the transition to using WSI's programming services Stewarts-USA had a WSI developer come to their office for a week to immerse them in their software. No additional on-site visits have been required since then. WSI has been able to address their numerous database change requirements quickly and cost effectively.

Speechcenter Inc., Boone, North Carolina

Is a private practice, providing speech-language pathology services since 1982. Winning Solutions, Inc. has been serving Speechcenter, Inc. since 2013. They decided that their business required a custom EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. This was determined after they concluded a review of pre-built EMR's available for purchase. As with most business' they determined that their methods were unique and they did not want to conform their business to an existing software application. Cost was another factor in the decision as the purchase and ongoing licensing and support fees of an off the shelf EMR are very high. Working closely with the Speechcenter, Inc. team WSI programmed a full custom EMR. The EMR is deployed on Microsoft's Azure cloud hosting service. WSI supports Speechcenter, Inc. staff with security and administration. WSI also provides on going enhancements to Speechcenter, Inc.'s EMR.

MCFARLANES', Sauk City, Wisconsin

McFarlanes' Manufacturing Company Incorporated is dedicated to the proposition that big business can still be conducted with small-town family values. They are a multi-faceted agricultural products company selling tires, agricultural equipment, power equipment and various goods through their TrueValue hardware store and other outlets. The manufacturing portion of their business has continued to grow over the years. Their IT department uses multiple Microsoft databases to manage the manufacturing operation. To accommodate future growth and improve existing processes McFarlanes' Manufacturing Company Incorporated considered replacing the Microsoft Databases with an ERP system. (Enterprise Resource Planning) After considering the costs and limitations of a ERP implementation and meeting with the team at Winning Solutions, Inc. it was determined that the existing Microsoft database could be enhanced to meet their needs with far less cost and risk. This plan has been working well since January 2014. Recently McFarlanes' Manufacturing Company Incorporated informed WSI that they plan to expand WSI's role in maintaining their custom Microsoft manufacturing database to free up their staff for other projects.

Advisor BackOffice, Des Moines, Iowa

Advisor BackOffice is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) that offers a revolutionary system for handling the intense data processing and compliance requirements of independent financial planners. Microsoft BackOffice's founder is a successful financial planner and Microsoft programmer who one day decided that there had to be a better way to automate his own business processes. As any business person would he carefully studied the existing software applications on the market. Because who would want to take the time to custom program their own software, if they could just purchase something that would work well at a reasonable price. He was not able to find a single software package that met with of this simple criteria, so he sat down and started programming a system that would meet his needs. In February of 2012, WSI was contacted because the time necessary to program this system was cutting into the time needed to run is on financial planning practice. When WSI entered the picture, the system was already well on its way. Due to WSI's programming and existing stock trading software expertise Advisor BackOffice requirements were attained. WSI also has provided programming services to other leaders in the financial industry like Scott Nations. Today, Advisor BackOffice can focus on growing their powerful software solution, while WSI deals with the programming. WSI also manages the hosting of their SAAS (Software As A Service) software allowing them to control their customer's access to their software.

Logic Underwriters, Dallas, Texas

The Logic Insurance Group began in 1993 with the goal of providing specialty Property and Casualty programs to independent agents throughout Texas. Today, Logic supports over 700 agents with commercial & personal products. Logic Underwriters, Inc. has been a client of WSI's since November of 2013. Winning Solutions, Inc. first work involved automating the creation of complex reports to display data from the software they use to run their company. WSI is currently supporting Logic Underwriters, Inc. during their transition to a new LOB (Line Of Business) software application. WSI is providing the short term technical expertise and guidance necessary during this critical transition. Winning Solutions, Inc.'s knowledge of insurance runs deep. We have done extensive programming of custom under writing software for municipal insurance providers. WSI has also developed sophisticated database software to manage marketing campaigns for large carriers like Nationwide.

Brown's Heavy Equipment, Ames, Iowa

Brown's Heavy Equipment is dedicated to providing fast, quality service on all makes of equipment along with preventative maintenance to reduce repairs and ensure increased machine uptime. Brown's is also committed to providing quality and dependable off road equipment to companies striving to conduct business in the most efficient manner. Brown's Heavy Equipment, Inc. has been a WSI customer since 2013. We helped them make the transition from a paper based work tracking system to a Microsoft .NET web based custom system. This allows them to have the system modified to meet additional needs of their business at any time. WSI also manages the hosting of the application, so Brown's Heavy Equipment, Inc. can stay focused on what they do best which is keeping their client's heavy equipment running. This method ensures that they never, receive a software update, that changes the way the system works, that they did not request.

CV Technology, Inc., Jupiter, FL

CV Technology specializes in complete explosion protection solutions for the prevention and mitigation of explosion hazards that result from process powders and dry bulk materials. Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, CV Technology manufacturers various explosion mitigation products including explosion vents, isolation valves, flameless vents, and chemical suppression equipment. WSI started work in January 2013 for CV Technology, Inc. on a custom document management database using Microsoft technology. This complex database allows their employees to keep track of critical data concerning how their solutions are installed at their customers' sites. The person at CV Technology, Inc. responsible for this database speaks Spanish as their first language. Winning Solutions, Inc. was able to assign a lead programmer to the project who also speaks Spanish as their first language. This was a bit of a surprise for a Florida based company, doing its first software project with a programming company based in Iowa!

Metallix Refining Inc., Shrewsbury, New Jersey and Greenville North Carolina

Metallix Refining, Inc. has been in the precious metals refining business since 1968. We process and purchase scrap materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium from small and large businesses alike, in the jewelry, medical, dental, electronics, specialty chemical, automotive and many other industries. Metallix Refining, Inc. has 90,000-square-foot precious metals refining facility on a 15-acre site in Greenville, North Carolina with executive offices are located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Metallix Refining, Inc. has been a WSI client since 2005. Of the years WSI has helped them by programming the database that runs their business. Thanks to the power of Microsoft's tools, WSI has been able to meet all the functional requests they have made. The total cost of this solution has also been very low, with no re-writes of the existing software even though it is more than 10 years old. Plus a re-write does not appear necessary for the foreseeable future!

Farm Bureau - West Des Moines Iowa

The pension department at Farm Bureau approached WSI with the need to have an Access Database built to track all their employees and the contributions the employees made to plans. During this project some very complex data import, exchange, and update took place through various data entry screens and processes. Also, Advanced Pension Calculators were built into the system to allow the user to generate a series of ad-hoc reports to let the employee know what his current vested benefit is. WSI also built a very complex and detailed reporting system which allowed the user to get various reports for the time period that the user specified. The system helped replace an outdated, manual, paper system and ended up saving the department a large amount of time and effort.

Fox Engineering - Ames Iowa

Fox Engineering contacted WSI to help the business maintain and enhance a Customer and Prospect Tracking System that they had built internally. The system had a number of issues, errors, and bugs, which were promptly addressed first. After that, Fox then requested that a number of search and reporting functionalities be built into the system that were not present before. These functionalities have helped the staff of Fox be more efficient in their generating of reports and mailing materials to their existing and prospective customers.

FitSense Technologies - Boston Massachusetts

FitSense and WSI have had a long and valuable relationship, and during that relationship, WSI has developed a number of systems for Fitsense. One such system is a Sales Tracking and Shipping Application. FitSense contracted WSI to develop their website, , and as part of that project they also wanted WSI to develop an e-commerce solution for selling their product. The next step in the process for WSI was to develop a MS Access system that would tap into their e-commerce database and retrieve all their sales data into the Access Database. Once the data was imported, a number of reports and even a shipping module were developed to help further streamline the process for FitSense.

Johnston Chamber of Commerce - Johnston Iowa

The Johnston Chamber of Commerce came to us with the problem that were simply spending too much time smoothing and preparing their data for printing in brochures and labels. To help reduce this task, WSI built a Membership Tracking system for the chamber that allowed them to keep track of current membership information and run a series of canned reports off of that data, which has helped efficiency. In addition, an invoice module was added that allowed for the creation of renewal invoices to be created in one large batch again reducing the amount of time spent on that activity.

Polk County Bank - Johnston Iowa

Polk County Bank came to WSI with an Excel spreadsheet that they used within the bank for balancing tellers, vaults, and all other cash activities. As the data was needed for each day, they had a very cumbersome copy and paste process that always seemed to fail when they moved to a new month and/or year. WSI then developed an Access-based system where the copy and paste functions were automated and also added some controls into place that made human errors easier to isolate and fix. In addition, a number of reports were put into place to help the users know just what needed to be done for the day.

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics - Iowa City, IA

A department of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics needed to replace an outdated record keeping application. WSI built the new application and added several new features including enhanced business logic to reduce data entry errors, simple audit trail information, and the ability to print collected data directly onto official forms provided by the State of Iowa. The new system saved the department substantial time by eliminating the need to fill out paperwork by hand and has increased data accuracy and consistency.

Custom Hose - Cedar Rapids Iowa

During Y2K WSI was able to work with Custom Hose to tailor an inventory and billing system to replace an aging DOS application. For about the cost of buying a vertical market solution, WSI was able to provide Custom Hose with a program that worked exactly the way they wanted. Finally, their business dictated how the software needed to work instead of the other day around. WSI has continued to work closely with Custom Hose since the program was first installed to update the program to meet their changing needs. When their business grows WSI, is ready and able to move their Access program to Microsoft's more powerful SQL Server. After four years of continuous business use, the Access based system continues to be relied upon everyday to run the business.

Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau - Ames Iowa

In coordination with the Iowa Games, the ACVB was responsible for lining up volunteers for the Iowa Games. WSI was contacted to create an Access Database that would take the registrations that the volunteers made on the ACVB website and allow ACVB to assign or re-assign volunteers as needed. A complex reporting system was then developed that alerted ACVB to areas where more volunteers were needed and also allowed them to send out letters to the volunteers, in a timely and efficient manner, with instructions on what to do.

Iowa Energy Center - Ames Iowa

The IEC came to WSI with an existing Access Database that they wanted to have optimized and streamlined for performance, data entry and reporting. WSI optimized all the tables and code in the database, added some new features including Loan and Grant tracking to enhance reporting and data entry, and helped make the overall efficiency of the system take a step forward.

Iowa State University Stat Lab - Ames Iowa

The ISU Stab Lab came to WSI with a need to simplify the tracking of their grants, projects, and hours associated with those projects along with the budget for this project. WSI developed an intensive data entry process for keeping track of this information and then developed a very complex reporting system that allowed the user to see where a particular project was sitting at any point in time.

Bilbrey Insurance Services - Johnston Iowa

Bilbrey Insurance and WSI have had a beneficial ten-year relationship. Bilbrey initially came to WSI with the desire to get their member information into an Access Database. After that initial setup and customization, Bilbrey has continually pushed the envelope forward and over time has developed a complete custom Insurance Underwriting System for the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool. This system has allowed Bilbrey to expand many times over while keeping costs and employees stable. For a more detailed look at our history with Bilbrey, be sure and view the case study located here.

Marion County Title Services - Knoxville Iowa

Marion County Abstract contacted WSI to convert a DOS based system into an Access/Visual Basic/SQL Server application. They needed a system that would allow them to quickly and efficiently work with Title Information and a Custom Access Database was developed to help deliver on this need.

Gateway Center - Ames Iowa

The Holiday Inn at Gateway Center needed a guest and events database to better serve their clientele. WSI created an application that tracked guest information along with events occurring during their visits. It also recorded guest personal preferences along with history of visits. The reporting features implemented in the application help the sales and marketing department better serve returning guests and the marketing of new customers. The Events Tracking feature also helps the reservations department plan and schedule for upcoming events.

Mr Foamy - Ft Myers Florida

Mr. Foamy was interested in updating their paper-based price quoting work-ups to a less complicated and more user-friendly system. In the field, salespeople had to call the main office to have quotes put together. WSI was able to create an Access quoting application that implemented their wide range of materials and selections. They are now able to do price quotes on the spot, which has significantly streamlined their business.

Triplett Realty - Ames Iowa

The relationship between Triplett Realty and WSI grew from a functional hardware support to application support. Triplett needed a way to automate their leasing creation process for their rental properties. WSI created an Access application that stored rental property information and merged it with the leasee information. Now, leases are printed in a matter of seconds and valuable information is being stored in the process.

First National Bank - Ames Iowa

First National Bank contacted WSI to help them create run-time versions of a number of databases that they had created internally. WSI worked with the developers at First National Bank to help teach the creation process of databases as well as the installation of the database. In addition, WSI enhanced an Officer Call, Trust Officer Call, and Stock Tracking databases to allow them to be more user-friendly and robust by creating standardized forms, reports, tables, and queries.

Glen Oaks Owners Association - West Des Moines Iowa

The Glen Oaks Owners Association contacted WSI to write a custom application to manage non-resident access to the private, gated community. WSI wrote a stand-alone Access application, called the Guest Management System, to track guests and vendors seeking access to the community. The application allows security personnel to quickly search a database to find approved guests and vendors and log their entry to the property. This log includes the guest's name, time of entry, and license plate information. Guest and vendors not in the database may be added on the spot if approval of their entry is received from a resident. This application replaced a cumbersome paper system that required detailed maintenance.

Iowa Games - Ames Iowa

As the technology provider for the Iowa Games, WSI created an application to keep track of all athlete and event registrations. While most of the data entry was done through a web interface, the Iowa Games had some complex reporting needs. An Access reporting tool was developed to accommodate their needs; the reporting tool allows the user to get numerous reports based on criteria that the user inputs in an easy-to-use, report-menu format. The new application replaced a slow manual system.

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