Microsoft Access and QuickBooks Integration Services

Microsoft Access and QuickBooks Integration Services

There is no denying the popularity of QuickBooks. It is used by many small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries. As wonderful as QuickBooks is, it is not as flexible as Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is not a fully featured accounting system. So one of the things the Microsoft Access Experts here at Winning Solutions, Inc. can do is get these two systems working together. If you want to have WSI create a new Access database for you that is integrated into QuickBooks or have WSI integrate an existing Microsoft Access database with QuickBooks, Winning Solutions, Inc. can do it. Do not worry if you are using Microsoft SQL Server with Access, we use Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft Access all the time and are just as adept at integrating it with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks and third parties offer tools that are both helpful and necessary for integration with Microsoft Access. is one of the most popular and recognized by Intuit the makers of QuickBooks. WSI can work with this tool.

Many reasons exist for using Access to view and enter data into QuickBooks. By using Access for QuickBooks data entry you can provide your users with a fully customized user interface without using up a QuickBooks “seat” or “license”. Do not worry about needing Access licenses. Microsoft offers the capability to create a run time version of an Access database which will legally function without installing or purchasing a Microsoft Access database license.

If you are an expert QuickBooks consultant but not skilled in Microsoft Access we would welcome the opportunity to work with you or assist you with your Microsoft Access database design and programming needs. We can help you meet your client’s requirement if they involve Microsoft Access or any other Microsoft programming systems.

If you are an accountant that needs assistance with Microsoft Access matters related to QuickBooks, please contact our firm. We will be glad to discuss your requirements and provide you with an estimate.

If you need assistance with Microsoft Access and using it with a different accounting package please contact WSI and we will do our best to assist you.

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