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Microsoft Access and Integration Services

This service allows many telephony related functions to be integrated into your Access database, web site or .net desktop application. Everything from sending a text message notification based on criteria you specify to collecting data from persons entering it into a touch tone phone.

Today sending text messages is a commonly used website feature for two factor authentication. If you have a high data value desktop, mobile or web application that needs two factor authentication WSI can do the necessary Microsoft .net programming to make it happen.

If you need a system that will allow people to enter information in to your mobile, web or desktop application’s database from a touchtone phone WSI can do the programming necessary to produce this result.

Twilio provides the phone numbers and telephony infrastructure necessary to handle multiple simultaneous inbound calls or to send small to large volumes of text messages in short time spans. You provide the desktop, mobile or web application that needs this capability and Winning Solutions, Inc. provides the programming to connect the two.

WSI has experience programming a script that identifies who is calling, what they are calling about and allows the caller to enter several data elements. These data elements are then transferred from Twilio to the client’s database for storage and reporting. This is one of the more complex functions to program the Twilio service to perform.

Another excellent use for this technology is automated phone surveys. If you are a political campaign looking for a cost effective, fast and accurate way to collect data without the need for an army of phone bank volunteers this might be the way to go. If you are an advertising agency or political consultant able to develop the script and database requirements we can provide the programming expertise to complete a Twilio based survey system very quickly. WSI can also set-up all the needed database capabilities including storage and building reports on the data you collect.

If you feel this service might be beneficial to your organization, contact WSI today to begin the process of getting a quote.

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