Support for Independent Database Developers

Support for Independent Database Developers

Hello, fellow Microsoft database programmers. Developing business programs using Access, MS-SQL Server, C# and may not be the most glorious programming job out there. We know that many businesses and other entities rely on the work that we do! Do you struggle with billing, collections, project management; creating screen and report mockups, explaining how you handle business continuity to new prospects finding a qualified company to support your client’s database when you retire and having programmers who can back you up when you are sick, on maternity/paternity leave, vacation etc.?

You love to program but you may not “love” to do billing. Sure, there are automated tools out there but they really don’t have a human watching over them. We have people on staff to field basic billing questions like: why isn’t my last payment showing on your statement or why did I get charged twice for this etc.

We are not a collections agency but in twenty-one years of business we have learned how to interact professionally with customers and most of the time get paid what we are owed. If you dread calling your customers when they forget to pay you, our service might be for you.

Mock-ups and flow charts
Not all programmers have time or enjoy creating flow charts and mock ups of screens and reports. We all know we should do this on every project to avoid misunderstanding with customers. If this is not a service that you offer, but you know you need to we can work with you to add this capability to your programming practice.

Development Support
The Internet is great for finding solutions to programming problems when you get stuck. Sometimes you need something more. If you are a solo programming practitioner and want to interact directly with another professional programmer, we can provide that collaboration to you.

ISV or Entrepreneur
If you are developing a software solution as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for sale perhaps you would rather devote your time to selling than programming. We can fill that role and more!

Retirement, Vacation, Sick Leave, Family Leave
How can you ever retire, take a break, get sick or take time to be with your family when you have so many customers that rely on you every day. We do what you do and with a little up front planning, WSI can take care of your clients when you can’t or just need a break.

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