Transitioning from Salesforce to Microsoft Access: The Reasons

Transitioning from Salesforce to Microsoft Access: The Reasons

Most businesses will start off in a small relational database like Microsoft Access. When their business grows, they may decide that it is time for a “big company” CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution like Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Tigerpaw, Amdocs, C2, Pivotal, SAP, Oracle Siebel, or one of many other expensive options. However, perhaps you are a small or mid-size firm that somehow ended up with one of these expensive enterprise solutions. If so, it may make sense to extract your data and move to a custom Microsoft Access based solution. With this solution from WSI you will not merely be licensing the software; instead, you will own it. WSI will deliver to you the full system, including source code. This means that your IT staff, any of your employees that know Access, or a contractor of your choice can maintain or enhance the system. WSI will be glad to do this work for you if you do not have such a person in your organization. WSI charges no set annual maintenance fee and there is no per user, seat, CPU, or core licensing fee either! If you have the personnel to maintain and enhance the database yourself, you will not have to spend any more money with WSI. A custom CRM can be better than all the greatest enterprise CRMs because WSI can build it from the ground up to customize it for your needs. For most businesses, customizing an off the shelf enterprise CRM does not make as much sense as getting a fully customized CRM solution from WSI. If Microsoft Access is not what you like or if you want a true web and mobile enabled solution, WSI can create it for you using the latest ASP.NET technology from Microsoft including VB.NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Perhaps you are renting dozens or hundreds of seats of CRM and spending thousands of dollars per month for the privilege. If so, WSI can built a custom CRM for you and deploy it in your Microsoft Azure account. This means all you pay is a modest monthly host fee; gone are the exorbitant monthly-hosted CRM licensing fees. Perhaps you want it deployed on a server you are already renting or that you already run in your own data center. WSI will be glad to help you deploy our custom CRM solution on that type of server, so then you would have no additional hosting cost whatsoever.

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