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Microsoft Access and Healthcare Services

There is arguably no organization that relies more on quality data and data management than healthcare. Hospital and health systems rely on accurate data in everything they do: from managing the care and services they deliver to overseeing the business aspects of healthcare. This means that data is being generated continuously both by individual users and also by larger teams of data managers and analysts that have more of an enterprise view.

At WSI, we have considerable experience helping both the individual database analyst and the enterprise team. We also have on staff considerable healthcare experts that understand how healthcare organizations use data to improve the quality of care delivered. We also know that there are clinical and administrative staff responsible for gathering, managing, and reporting on the data that is collected, and have built our business around delivering services that meet data managers and analysts wherever they are: from the analysts using Microsoft Access to create a new database to gather and report the results of their recent patient satisfaction survey to the advanced database administrator and performance management office responsible for collecting data from multiple sources to report outcomes measures in the organization’s population health and disease management database. No matter where your healthcare database project falls within this continuum, WSI has the technical and healthcare experience and expertise to assist.

We also understand that not only do healthcare organizations collect a lot of data, but also they routinely are required to ingest data from multiple data sources or databases in order to get the answer to the question they ask. To ensure a scalable database solution that can grow, WSI is well versed in database design and table structure. Also, assistance is sometimes required with importing data from multiple data sources or systems into a single data repository, so in addition to helping with structure, we can also assist in automating the ingest and population of target data into the desired consolidated location.

WSI’s experience in the healthcare setting has also taught us that in many cases, databases that started out in Microsoft Access often quickly grow and require increased capability to expand. WSI also is a recognized expert at converting Microsoft Access to the more robust Microsoft SQL environment, and can help both with this migration and with the operation and sustainment of this more complex, but powerful, environment. If desired, WSI can also host the database for you and allow your organization to spend less time on developing, managing, and maintaining data and databases and more time on leveraging the data and reporting key information, needed to improve the quality of care delivered, to the organization. So, regardless of whether you need help structuring a new database or moving an integrated data set to SQL or advanced programming support, WSI is standing by to assist. For more information, or to get started, contact us For more information, or to get started, Contact us today!

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