What's an ACCDB or ACCDE?

What's an ACCDB or ACCDE?

This document discusses four very important letters that are the suffix at the end of an Microsoft Access database file name.

.accde files are “compiled” so the person possessing an .accde file cannot get to the valuable source code Microsoft Access VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or even get into the database to make any form, report or other modifications. .accde files can only be used to enter, edit and view data in the manner they were programmed to allow. .accde files are super for distributing an Access database to people you sell it to or to users who you don’t want to allow them to change the way the database works.

Guarding and backing up your .accde versions of the database is not nearly as important as backing up your .accdb database files. .accdb files contain the source code (Microsoft Access VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and are extremely valuable and important if you need to modify the way the database works. If all .accdb’s of your database were to be lost the database would have to re-written which would be very bad. The .accdb file is used to create .accde files. You cannot make an .accdb file from an .accde file.

If you hire someone to create an Access database for you or have an employee make one, you must be sure that you have possession of the .accdb version of the database. If you don’t you will not be able to modify the way the database works, in the event the person who made the database is no longer in your employ. If you are purchasing a database that was programmed in Microsoft Access you should ask if the database you will receive will be an .accde or .accdb file. Buying a database that you cannot change the way it works (.accde) is acceptable, if you are willing to accept this restriction.

If you are considering creating your own Access database, hiring someone to program an Access database for you, or buying a ready-made Access database and would like to know more about the process or differences between .accde and .accdb, Winning Solutions, Inc. would be pleased to assist you. Please contact us today for a quote on consulting with you to plan your Access database.

WSI also offers complete Microsoft Access database design, programming, hosting and long term maintenance services if that is what you are seeking.

Access is a great database platform and WSI is here to support your use of this powerful tool.

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