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ASP.NET is a foundation technology from Microsoft. Microsoft released the first version of this back in 2002. It replaced ASP, which is now referred to as “Classic ASP”. You can read more about the details of it and its history here: WSI has been programming for ASP.NET since it was first introduced. WSI was heavily involved in programming for its predecessor ASP prior to that. In fact we have many clients who are still using the out dated ASP technology because it still works sufficiently well for them. WSI has done many projects to convert systems from ASP to ASP.NET. If you are familiar with JAVA or Microsoft Access runtimes, ASP.NET is similar. Once you have Microsoft’s .NET frame work installed on your computer you can run software developed to run on ASP.NET. Believe it or not, ASP.NET is open source! So anyone can create frame work for their computer that will allow it to run programs designed to run ASP.NET. There is a implementation known as Mono that allows programs designed for ASP.NET to run on Linux servers and PC’s. However, the vast majority of people run their ASP.NET programs on Windows PC’s and Servers. This is the case for all of WSI’s clients as of the writing of this article.

WSI develops ASP.NET programs using C# and VB.NET. We use these languages to build new database applications and other software. We also use these languages to convert systems written in Classic ASP and Microsoft Access including all types of Microsoft Office applications written in VBA.

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